Hey! We are Luiza and George and we warmly welcome you to our travel blog. Let’s step together On New Realms.

On New Realms
  • de incercat3It is about incredible experiences, breathtaking landscapes, crazy adventures and travel tips.
  • de incercat3It is about experiencing the unknown, traveling in different corners of the world, from cosmopolitan cities to quite villages.
  • de incercat3It is about going out from your comfort zone sometimes and embrace a new way of living.
  • de incercat3It is about bringing joy and faith that holidays can be unforgettable no matter where you go or what you visit. There is no place in the world that does not offer wonderful and unique experiences. It is all about perception.

We are glad to share with you our escapades and we hope that our guidance will help you create your perfect voyage. Let’s discover together the world!

About us:

On New Realms

A sunset in Thailand, a walk through the green rice fields in Bali, a swim in turquoise waters of Greece or a ride on Italy’s narrow streets. These are all screenshots from our travel experiences, journeys we've been doing together for the last 8 years. Completely self-taught, we began to feel the taste of freedom and gratitude by discovering new places and new cultures, meeting beautiful souls and learning what it really means to find happiness in small things.

We are holiday goers not long-term nomads but still, the backpack is our favorite accessory during our journeys. We walk at our own pace trying to feel and live as much as we can the atmosphere of the place.

Three years ago we bought one way ticket from Romania to Malta, so, since then, the starting point of our travel adventures has been the tiny island in the middle of Mediterranean Sea.

But who knows where our heart will guide us, maybe we will face again this wonderful experience.

Follow your heart and create the life you love!