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Is it mandatory to inform the embassy during your travels?


I like to say that there are two types of travel: the short holiday (up to two weeks) and the long trip (included the full time travels). We did both. And honestly, before starting our backpacking life we only enjoyed the short trips around Europe and Asia.

But things have changed once we started the new adventure. Sometimes we don’t know the entire period of time we want to spend in one location or what’s the next country we are gonna visit. Therefore, we decided that is better for us to protect ourselves by informing the embassy about our trips.

European passport holders backpacking in Europe

I will honestly say that it was very easy. Plenty of benefits, no problems at the boarders, no visa needed. Therefore, we didn’t inform our embassy or consulate about our trip in different European Countries. But what we did instead was to check our Ministry of Foreign Affairs website about the travel advice they share for every country in the world. Also, they have a mobile app where we could check in once arrived in one location, select the number of days we were gonna spend there (days that you can change afterwards) and check out once leaving.

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs mobile app

It took us less than 5 minutes to complete these details. Better safe than sorry.

European passport holders backpacking in Asia

Before leaving Europe we read so many articles where it was recommended to inform the Romanian embassy in every Asian country about our visit there. So, our first stop in Asia was in Hanoi, Vietnam, and luckily it was the city where the Romanian Embassy was located. And here we are, knocking at the embassy door in Vietnam. Things went very fast and smooth and the advice we received was to send an email to the Romanian Embassy that was in charge with more than one foreign country. For example, we sent one email to the embassy in Vietnam that included also Cambodia and Laos.

Here are the details they need:

Meanwhile, we realised that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs app was useful here as well. Find some data or Wi-Fi, open your GPS and fill those dates.

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs mobile app for SE Asia

Is it worthy to do it? I would say yes, especially if you plan staying in one place for a longer period.

In case there is no app available from your Ministry of Foreign Affairs simply contact your embassy. It should be enough.

Happy and safe travels! 🙂

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