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Thai Vi Temple, a peaceful and quiet oasis in Ninh Binh, Vietnam


Thai Vi Temple is the most peaceful place we’ve been in Vietnam. Even though the location is very close to the city center of Tam Coc, Ninh Binh, it is almost free of tourists.


About the temple

The Thai Vi Temple was built in 1258 after King Tran Thai Thong’s victory against Chinese forces. Almost the entire temple is built from stone and the beautiful shape is done by the local sculptors. There is no entrance fee to visit this place.

The way to Thai Vi Temple

The temple lays in a big valley, with limestone mountains surrounding it. The karst hills mirrored in the flooded rice fields are a good reason to call Ninh Binh Province the Halong Bay on the land.

The way to Thai Vi Temple

How to reach it?

The temple is 1km far from the center of Tam Coc so walking there it might be a nice option. You can enjoy the views over the lake, the boats floating on the river, the green rice fields and the mountain peaks.
Renting a scooter is another option. We actually came here by motor. We rented a scooter to explore The Ninh Binh area so it was good for us to have a ride till here as well.
***It is not worth it to rent a scooter only for this temple

Definitely by motor or taxi as the temple is located about 8 km far from the city center of Ninh Binh.

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What did we like the most about this temple?

The tranquility and the vibe. Lucky enough we were the only ones visiting the temple at that time. There were no tourist groups, no horns, no loud voices. There is a free parking outside the temple so the inside tranquility is not disturbed by the motor engines.

Inside Thai Vi Temple

The Thai Vi temple is small but the architectural details are beautiful. Everything was clean and well maintained. We had a nice surprise to meet an old man inside the temple and to listen him singing. Lovely.


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