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Stories of Cambodia – Funny and frustrating moments


Every country is different and so the experiences. As we already wrote about our funny moments we faced in Vietnam, now is the time for some stories of Cambodia.

Our first accommodation in Cambodia

Traveling from Thailand to Cambodia we firstly stopped for few nights in Phnom Penh. We checked in at the hostel and we were quite happy that the room was clean so we were not forced to go and search for other accommodation. And then we noticed that the toilet seat was missing. Going to the reception and explaining this, we received the answer:

“Is it so difficult to used the toilet like this?”

#who needs a toilet seat?

When you rely on the reception to call you a Tuk-tuk

One hour before checking out we asked the receptionist from the hostel to call us a Grab or Tuk-tuk for the moment we needed to leave (12PM). Because we thought that she might not had understood, we used Google translate to make sure that all the details are clear. She confirmed that she will do so.


George: “Any idea when our Tuk-tuk is gonna come?”

The receptionist: “Which one?”

George: “The one we asked for one hour ago to be ready at 12PM”

The receptionist: “I didn’t know you wanted for today” 🙃

#unlimited services

You are a tourist in Cambodia, therefore a 💰

We managed to get that Tuk-tuk and we asked before about the price. Two people from the reception were confirming the same price ($2/ trip) and they said that the driver set this price.

George while giving $2 to the diver: “Thank you!”

The driver: “Hey, hey, no enough!”🤦

George: “What do ou mean?”

The diver: “2 not enough”

Cambodian people are super friendly and always ready to help but at the end of the day you are still a tourist for them.

#2 is not enough

When 4 menu options become 1 only

We opted for an accommodation with breakfast included in Siem Reap. There were 4 options displayed on the menu but when asking for them the only available was…fried eggs 😀

#fried eggs forever

There are no more fruits in Cambodia!

Luiza: “What fruits do you have in the menu?”

The waitress: “There are no more fruits available now in Siem Reap because of the Water festival.”

#Are you serious!?!?

Visiting Angkor Wat

The guy: “Where are you from?”

Us: “Romania”

The guy: “Ahhh, Rome, beautiful!”

#Romania = Rome 🤔

Coffee chat with a foreigner

The guy: “Where are you from?”

George: “Romania”

The guy: “Ohhh, Hagi!” (He is one of the best Romanian football players)

#finally the perfect answer

To be continued! 😀

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