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Budget Cambodia trip – How much did we spend one month in Cambodia?


Cambodia was definitely one of the countries that shocked and impressed us the most. The infrastructure, the food, the people and of course, the prices that influenced our budget for Cambodia.

We spent 24 days in Cambodia during November. It was the end of the rainy season so the prices were lower than in the high season. We traveled around the country, we ate in the local restaurants, we paid entrance fees and we ended up spending an average of $43/ day (€39/ day) for both of us.

Food prices in Cambodia

It is good to mention that Cambodia has 2 currencies: US dollars and Cambodian Riel but most of the time the prices are mentioned in US dollars. After visiting Vietnam and Thailand, the food was definitely the most expensive here. Don’t get me wrong, the prices are still cheap comparing to Europe but it was hard for me to understand how a poor country like Cambodia can keep the prices so high.

For example, in Circle K, we had to pay double or triple for the same product we bought in Vietnam. And then we realized that almost all the products that are found in Cambodia are imported from their neighbors. Quite sad, I would say.

Amok with rice

Regarding the restaurants, I need to highlight that we ate only in the local ones, no brands or fancy places. But we didn’t eat street food either here. So, for a vegetable noodle soup we paid $2.5-$3, the amok with rice and noodles with vegetables had the same price, 3$. Cheap, right?

Mango smoothie

Do you know what we found super cheap here? The fruits! Being produced locally, it was easy and fast to get something tasty. For example, this tiny watermelon was about $0.40. And the smoothies, yummy, $1/ cup and the breakfast is ready. 🙂


Accommodation in Cambodia

Like always, the accommodation takes the biggest share of the cost while traveling. We stayed in hostels, hotels and guesthouses, choosing the private room with private bathroom.

Accommodation in Cambodia

So, for 23 nights we paid $297 and one night we spent it in a sleeping bus. We spent $50/ 2 people for our private bus bed . Which is an average of $13/ night.

Transport expenses in Cambodia

Whenever we are exploring a new country we tend to use as much as we can their public transport. And here it was the same. As soon as we had arrived in Phnom Penh airport we headed directly to the train station. We paid for a trip to the city center $2.5/ person. You can read here about this train experience.

To reach big distances we opted for Giant Ibis buses. For Phnom Penh to Siem Reap trip we paid $15/ person and it was a 6 hours journey. Then, from Phnom Penh we headed directly to Kampot, the southern part of the country. We chose a night bus and we paid $25/ person for an entire night sleep.

To rent a scooter in Kampot is very cheap, $5/ day. It’s totally worth it.


Other expenses

The tourist visa fee is the first expense we registered for Cambodia. It is $35/ person plus $1 processing fee. But you can spend up to 30 days here. It is good to know that there are visa free countries (not the Romanian passport holders though). 😛

In Cambodia we opted to withdraw money more than paying by cash every single transaction. So, we have a super cool REVOLUT card that didn’t charge any commission. Instead, we paid about $15 transaction fees to the local banks.

Do you know what is the first thing we buy once we arrive in a new country? A DATA SIM. Because it’s a must for us to have internet in order to use the GPS to reach the accommodation. 😀 So, we paid $20, with data and international calls included. And we bought it directly from the airport.

The most expensive entrance fee was while discovering Angkor Wat. A ticket valid for one day costs $37/ person but it is totally worth it. I wrote an entire article about this magical place that offered us one of the most beautiful experiences we have ever faced.

So, if you tend to visit Cambodia one day and you don’t know how much to budget for, I really hope this article is gonna help you.

Happy travels! 🙂



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