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Funny moments we have in Vietnam


During traveling we had the opportunity to meet so many people. Funny, different or hard to understand. But this is what makes the journey even nicer. Funny Vietnam 🙂

Funny moments we have in Vietnam

Here are some of our funniest stories we have in Vietnam. Enjoy!

Walking on the streets in Hanoi

Vietnamese guy: “Davay, davay”

Luiza: “Hi! We don’t understand!” 🙂

Vietnamese guy: “You from?”

George: “Romania”

Vietnamese guy: “You Russia”

#Only George’s fault 😂

Points of interest

We are visiting the most popular street in Vietnam, the train street and a lady comes to us:

The lady: “Photo?” while sowing to her phone

We thought she wanted us to take a picture of her. Wrong 😂

The lady: “No, you!” pointing to George

#when your face looks more interesting than the touristic point of interest


FYI: the train street in Hanoi is closed for visitors now. You can read about this here.

The streets of Hanoi

Being in the old center of Hanoi we faced plenty of locals trying to sell us something. If we are not interested in buying something our standard answer is: “No, thank you!”

This time we did the same, the only difference was that the girl asked us if we can take her a photo and our answer was: “No, thank you!” 😂

Seconds after we realized what she said. We turned back to her and we made fun of it together.  ðŸĪŠ

Caffeteria in Nha Trang

George and I were together in a coffee shop in Nha Trang. Being at the counter, George is ordering a tea and I am ordering a coffee. George is preparing the money to pay the bill and the waitress asks: “Are you going to pay for both?”

Huh???? ðŸ˜Ū

All over Vietnam

We are not the tallest but it seems that we are a bit too tall for the kiosks, umbrellas, road signs or just billboards. A small scratch or bruise is like a souvenir. 😂


To be continued! 😀

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