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Ninh Loan Rose, The best family restaurant in Tam Coc and friendly Vietnamese people


The first thing when we arrive in a new place it’s to check a nice place to eat. Just going around and looking for a cozy place or just catching a nice cooking smell.
But this might change when we are starving :)). After the bus trip from Cat Ba to Tam Coc to Ninh Binh city, and then again from Ninh Binh to Tam Coc we just stopped nearby our hostel. We were too tired to start looking for the “perfect” place. You can read here about this round and around journey. 🙂

Ninh Loan Rose, The best family restaurant in Tam Coc


Don’t expect a posh place but imagine a cozy one, with a friendly atmosphere and delicious food. It is a family restaurant where everyone does something to make sure your food is good. For us this is the key 🙂 And we are not the only ones who think like this, we met foreigners coming there 3 days in a row. And guess what, we did that as well :))

Food and prices

The food is not previously cooked so you might wait a bit for it. What I found cool is that if there is one ingredient missing from his kitchen (it happened to us once with the coconut milk ), he quickly grabs the bike and rides to the nearest shop and buys it. He had never said that there is something not available on the menu.

I’m just gonna leave here some photos with what we enjoyed the most.

Fried pork with vegetables and rice, VND 40000/ €1.6
Grilled pork with rice VND 60000/ €2.4
Noodles with vegetables and chicken VND 40000/ €1.6
Fried noodles with egg VND 60000/ €2.4
Mixed fried noodles VND 65000/ €2.6
Spring rolls with vegetables VND 30000/ €1.2
Fried pork with vegetables and rice VND 60000/ €2.4

The fruits are always a gift from him. 🙂


And he is the guy, who cooks together with his wife, serves you and smiles every time. Does he know English? No really but Google translate is perfect for a nice chat. I’m just gonna leave you here their site as well. We found it 2 weeks after our visit there. 😀

What we look for when choosing a place to eat in Asia?

Did you ever find a cozy place with great cheap food and a super positive vibe? Where?

Happy travels, guys, and don’t forget to smile back! 🙂

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