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6 Hidden gems in Switzerland and beautiful hiking paths


We spent an entire month in Switzerland and had the amazing opportunity to meet beautiful friendly people and enjoy some hidden gems. From trying delicious local dishes to trekking and exploring beautiful hidden paths, we spent amazing time together.


6 Hidden gems in Switzerland and beautiful trekking paths

Switzerland is the country that impressed us the most. The organized and clean cities, such as Bern, the beauty of Montreux, the charming Lausanne, or the non touristic paths in nature, they all together made us speechless.


I’ll share today the hidden gems of Switzerland that we loved the most. What’s amazing is that you need no money to enjoy them. There are organized trekking paths, picnic areas or just beautiful nature.

La Tine de Conflens


We loved this place for its calming and peaceful vibe. It is located in the La Sarraz region, between Lausanne and Yverdon-les-Bais. From the main street you follow some forest paths until you reach a river. In the afternoon the sun comes perfectly in the area and it makes it great for a BBQ or picnic.


After lunch, we followed the river’s way and found a beautiful hidden waterfall. We had it all for us and our friends. 😀


Assens town


Not far from La Sarraz region there is this small city, Assens, that has a beautiful forest nearby. From time to time there are bio-art exhibitions held in the nature. We were lucky enough to walk in the forest and enjoy pieces of art while there.


At the starting point we received a map with the trail and the location of each object of art. The name of the artist and the description of the item were mentioned as well.

Le Donjon des Brigands


I loved to see how many outdoor activities Swiss people do. And due to this fact, there are plenty of places nice organized for them. And Le Donjon des Brigands is one of them.


It is a rich forest with nice trails perfect both for walking or cycling. It offers a great view of the Jura and the Alps, especially from the 16m high wooden tower. Places for picnic are also available.


Have a look on their website and see more details about this place.

Tour de San Martin


This edifice is part of an old fortress that dates from the 12th century. It is located in Molondin, 20 minutes driving from Yverdon-les-Bains. We could easily see the tower from the main road, so I guarantee you that you won’t miss it.


There is a parking place nearby if you come by car. But there are also beautiful trails that invite you to stroll, so get your bicycle or comfortable shoes and start exploring.


The Tower of St-Martin is 17 m high so reaching the top we could enjoy lovely perspective of the Jura. Another great thing we found out was that the stairs were done by the locals that were eager to preserve this historic structure.


Champ-du-Moulin region


Forest, river, small waterfalls, bridges and plenty of hiking paths. What to wish more to start your day with? If you are not very far from Neuchatel, save a day for it.


It was a morning walk that took us around 2 hours. At the beginning I had the feeling of getting lost but it was nothing like this. It was very easy to follow the signs and the footpath was very well marked.


Les Avants


We ended up our time in Switzerland with one of the most beautiful hikes we’ve ever done. Les Avants is a charming Swiss village located in the district of Vevey. What’s amazing is that it has a funicular railway built 100 years ago which is still functional today. A one-way ticket costs CHF 5 and a return one CHF 10.


So we took the funicular and reached the top. The hike was nice, not difficult at all and the views were breathtaking. We enjoyed a nice panorama over Montreux, Alps and Lake Geneva (Lac Leman).


This trail is also well known for the narcissus fields that make this area even more spectacular. They start blooming in May so we could see only few while there.


Switzerland has hundreds of hiking routes so there are many other hidden gems that hopefully we will discover. For you, guys, who are interested in hiking, check this website. You will find a map, the hiking routes and also great info about this activity.


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