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Things you need to know before coming to Andros


We spent one month in Andros so we had time to create an idea about how things are going on the island. We summarize here all the facts we consider important to know before you come here.


Things you need to know before coming to Andros

Andros is one of the Cyclades islands that can be easily reached from Athens by ferry. It does not have an airport so it is perhaps the less touristic piece of land from the area. But in my opinion, this makes it even more beautiful.

Transport – Ferry from Rafina (Athens) to Andros

There are different companies that operate this area so the prices and duration will vary. There are fast and slow ferries, from 1 to 2 hours trip, and the prices are between €18-24/ person. The tickets can be bought directly from the offices located in the port.


We used this website to check the schedule and the informative price.

Accommodation in Andros

The island has and area of 380 square km and enough accommodation options. What we liked is that we could find both remote and peaceful areas as well as night club and animated ones.


The main cities where you can easily find nice accommodation are Gavrio, Batsi and Chora, the capital of the island. These cities are all on the Aegean shore, full of taverns, pubs and bakeries. Also, if you love the souvenir shops here is the best to come.

Batsi, Andros

The prices start with €30/ night for a double room (sometimes even lower), up to €100/ night. So exploring Andros on a specific budget is absolutely possible.

Chora, Andros

We stayed in a remote area, 5-10 minutes far (by car) from Gavrio, with beautiful sea and countryside views. It was nice and quiet place but without a car or motor it was a bit difficult to discover.


Rent a car/ scooter in Andros

There are plenty of places from where to rent, just make sure you pay attention to avoid the scams. The price for a rented car starts from €30/ day up to €60/ day, depending on the size of the car, renting period and of course, the renting company. If you want to rent a scooter, the cheapest option we found was €25/ day, no deposit required.

***Sometimes, the car renting company and the hotel owners have an agreement, therefore, you might find cheapest options at the reception of your lodging.

Public transport in Andros

We had the chance to use the public transport in Andros. There are buses that connect the port, Gavrio, to different other cities.

What you need to know:

Food in Andros

We’ve never been to Greece and complain about their food. If we say Greece we say delicious food. 😀


And the same case was in Andros. Due to the fact that is not so touristic, it was great to eat in restaurants together with the locals. Or having our coffee in the morning hearing Greek only.

The prices for food are fair, even cheaper than in other islands. A main dish in a restaurant in Gavrio starts with €5-6/ person and reaches €12-15 on fancy locals. A cheaper option is always a gyro or souvlaki for which we paid about €2.5 (even less at take away places).

The coffee bars are plenty so to enjoy a coffee we paid from €1.5 (black coffee) to €2.5-3 (latte). A tea is about €1.5-2 and a cocktail starts with €5.

*** Every time you order food or drinks in a restaurant or cafeteria, they serve you cold water for free.


A morning coffee and a pastry always make our days better, so we tried few bakeries while there. We paid for a pretzel €0.5, for a croissant  €1.5, for a pie €2 as well as for the other local products.


Besides restaurants, there are always supermarkets. The food is a bit more expansive here than on the land but it is still affordable. A Greek yogurt is about €0.70, feta cheese is around €9/kg, a bottle of water (1.5 l) is €0.80. I found some fruits with a great price, watermelon was €0.4/kg, nectarines €0.8/kg, and bananas €1.6/kg.

*** In some supermarket we found warm food. For a whole roast chicken the price is €6 and for a portion of lasagna €3.

Things to do in Andros and how much you pay for them


We were happy to see that Andros has beautiful sandy beaches that are not crowded even in the high season. To enjoy a day at the beach it costs you nothing if you come with your own beach towel. And the options are plenty, from secluded to animated beaches. The sunbeds and umbrellas are available mostly on the big beaches. And the price is between €8-12/ two sunbeds and one umbrella .

Agios Petros beach

We love hiking and I was surprised to see that Andros has multiple organized trekking paths. This is another free of charge activity. Choose the proper shoes and pay attention to the snakes 😛

Andros hiking path

Visiting the capital city and other towns and villages helped us to understand more of islanders way of living. We wrote an entire article about our day trip to Chora, the capital city. You can have a look here.

Kipri, Andros

There are some museums as well in Andros, maritime, archeological and even an olive one with the prices around €3-4/ person.

We consider Andros a destination that is friendly for both budget and luxury travelers. Let us know in the comments below if think of visiting this island.

Happy travels!

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