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Getting injured on holiday and about the medical services in Andros


Travel is always about having fun, exploring, feeling good. But getting injured while traveling is not fun at all. But sometimes this can happen, especially if you are traveling for a long time.

Getting injured on holiday and about the medical services in Andros

We always try to stay healthy, to take care and respect the basic rules to avoid getting ill or injured. Which is something that I recommend you to do as well. 🙂

But even so, if it’s meant to happen, it will happen.

How I got injured on holiday?

Almost 3 weeks ago a lovely walk in the garden ended up with a visit to the medical center. Do you know that beautiful tree that is always linked with a paradise life? Yes, exactly, the palm tree. This beauty turns its leaves into long needles when they are dried. Usually, if they stung, they just make a small scratch. But if they stung in a sensitive place they might harm you stronger.


So, walking by on the path, being surrounded by palm trees, oleander and green bushes I simply got pierced in my right foot by this sharpen date palm. The needle made a “piercing” in the Achilles tendon so my movement was affected. My foot got swollen, it was painful and I couldn’t step on my foot for a while. It’s been a slowly recovery since then and it seems that for this kind of injury you need about 6 weeks to fully recover.

Palm tree thorn
Photo source: Scarlete @ Dave’s Garden

Here is another story about this, for you to have a better view about this thorns.

Medical services on the island

Andros Island comprises 2 private medical centers but no hospital. One is in Chora, the capital city, and the other one in Gavrio. There is a public clinic as well, but the schedule is not useful if you have an emergency outside the opening hours.

There is something important to mention, if there is a need for a specialist, the closest one is in Athens. The island provides medical services from GPs.

Before coming to Andros we found out that 5 minutes far from our place was a medical center. The idea is that this story happened on a Sunday so everything was closed. But luckily we could contact the doctor on the phone and it was a real advantage. I managed to have 2 GP controls, a radiography and a consult done by an orthopedic surgeon (that comes few times per month on the island). And fortunately, all done in Andros.

A huge advantage was that everyone in the medical centers was able to speak English. So the communication was easy. But if it happens not to have a common language, use a translate app.

Maybe the medical services are not so variate on the island but I can honestly say that everyone does his best to help you. A big THANK YOU for this! ❤️🙏

Tips to make your trip easier

💚 Don’t go on holiday without a travel insurance.

💚 Do your best to stay calm. I got scared and panicky and it didn’t help me at all.

💚 If you think you need different treatment feel free to look for new medical centers.

Stay safe, healthy and enjoy your trips! 🙂



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