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Day trip to Chora, the capital city of Andros Island


This pretty island we are living in right now has plenty of uninhabited places. Due to its size, the cities and villages are distance apart from each other. But I think this is what makes Andros to be so beautiful.

Day trip to Chora, the capital city of Andros Island

Chora, or Andros Town, is located in the Northeastern part of the island. It is picturesque cycladic city with a Venetian influence in the architecture. The city is located 1 hour far from the main port, Gavrio, where most of the ferries arrive.


Take the bus to Chora

Andros Town can be easily reached by renting a car or a scooter or using the public transport. We actually wanted to use the third option, to see how is the public transport on a not very touristic island.


So, we took a morning bus that goes from Gavrio to Chora and the trip was about 1 hour and 15 minutes. It was a really good way to see the island, some remote villages, beautiful monasteries, unobstructed see view and mountain scenery.


And for this one way trip we paid €4/ person. Check the local public transport website for schedule or additional details.

One day in Chora and things to do


Once we arrived in the city, everything was easy to be discovered. Chora is built on a small peninsula, with beautiful cobbled streets where the white and blue houses make the best picture.


There is actually a main street that ends into the sea, where all the activities are happening. Restaurants, supermarkets, souvenir shops, accommodation, it seems that they are all comprised in here. But even so, the street looks nice and charming.


Reaching the end of this street we found an old Venetian castle that guards the island for hundreds years. Why Venetian? Because they concurred and ruled Andros for 300 years. We could see the ruins of the fortress and the stone bridge that is still standing up today.


Nearby, there is the Tourlitis lighthouse, the first automatic lighthouse of Greece. We loved how the tower stands on a piece of rock that rises from the sea and frequently faces the successive waves. There are few stair beautifully curved in the rock for an easy access to the lighthouse.


It was impressing to see that this small town covers 9 churches, both catholic and orthodox ones. They are beautiful, the architecture and the color make them fit perfectly in the painting.

Agios Georgios, Chora Andros
Agia Varvara, Chora Andros

They were closed at that time so the inside of the churches remains unknown to us.

Being on a peninsula we cannot mention the beaches that are nearby Andros town. There are 2 long sandy beaches located on the left and right side of the city: Neimporio Beach and Paraporti Beach.


Even though they are within short distance from the main shopping street, the beaches are almost empty. For about one hour we were actually alone there.

Paraporti Beach, Chora Andros

What else?

While in Chora, do not forget to get lost in the narrow streets. No map, no destination. We felt like in a maze. Most of the streets are quiet, with no people crossing by. It loos like a postcard: colorful flowers, white houses, blue windows.


Also, if you have enough time, stop for a coffee or maybe for lunch. There are few tavernas that look really cute. We loved to spend some time there.


The price for food is fair, maybe even better compared with other Greek islands that are more touristic. For example, a gyro costs €2.5, pasta with shrimps around €6. It is good to mention that every restaurant offers a cold bottle of water every time you place an order.


We liked it. Andros Town is charming, quiet and loud in the same time. It was totally worth it to spend 3 hours on the road. This is nothing compared with the 27 hours we spent a month ago. If you want to know why it took us so long, read our story here. 🙂

And don’t forget! ❤️

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