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How to travel to Bratislava on a budget? One day trip


We heard so many beautiful things about Bratislava before but we decided not to include it in our travel plans for this Europe tour. While searching for a direct train or bus from Vienna to Budapest it popped up a super travel discount: Vienna to Bratislava – €1. So, instead of going directly to the capital of Hungary we stopped for few hours in the capital of Slovakia.  😀

How to travel to Bratislava on a budget?

When you travel on a long term it is a must to take care of your budget :D. Otherwise, your full time traveling will be shorter than panned.

So, let’s have a look on how we managed to spent only €12.5/ person while discovering Bratislava.

Cheap transport to Bratislava

Since we started backpacking in Europe we found out that there are plenty of cheap ways to travel around.
For example we rely a lot on RegioJet and FlixBus, transport agents that operate in Europe, offering train and bus services on a budget. Have a look on their website to find out more.


Vienna – Bratislava

So, to arrive in Bratislava we bought a last minute ticket with RegioJet from Vienna. And for this 1h and 30 minutes trip we paid €1/ person. And we had coffee and hot chocolate included, free Wi-Fi and a digital screen with movies and games.

Bratislava – Budapest

When leaving Bratislava we opted to buy the tickets with the same travel operator, RegioJet. As a destination we chose Budapest, a place we saw few years ago but not enough to get bored. The price for the journey was €8/person and the trip lasted about 2h and 30 minutes. We enjoyed the same included services as before.

You can also read here about our first travel experience with FlixBus.

What to do on Bratislava to stay on the budget?

We are not into museums (or better said, I am not) so all the places we visited in Bratislava were free of charge.

A very big advantage is that most of the interest points are concentrated in almost the same area. But you need comfortable shoes as you may spend few hours walking.

You can have a look on our itinerary and see how we scheduled it. Here is what we did:

Most SNP


Here is the place where the bus stopped us. It is located on the shore of the Danube so there was a good point to start our itinerary.

Visit the Bratislava Castle

Bratislava Castle

Nearby our starting point we could see a beautiful fortress siting on a hill, looking like guarding over the city. There are many paths that reach the top so make sure you choose different narrow old streets for having distinct views.


What we found amazing was that visiting the castle and its surroundings was actually free. All you need to pay is €10/person to visit the museum.

View from the castle

St Martin’s Cathedral

Just opposite to the fortress there is a beautiful Roman Catholic church that can be easily recognized from the high viewpoints. It is a fortified church built in a Gothic style more than 500 years ago.


St Martin’s Cathedral is open almost all day long, except the lunch time. For accurate schedule feel free to check this page, on the bottom part.

Man at work (old city center)

I would say that this statue it is actually a symbol of Bratislava. While strolling the streets in the old center we found this figure that has actually a story behind.


It seems that if you touch his head, a wish will come true. What I need to say is that the multitude of tourists coming here are using their shoes, butts or whatever other part of the body to touch it. So, you choose if you put a wish or not. 😂

Historical building of Slovak National Theater


We absolutely loved the architecture of the building. It is located very close to the Man at work statue and it has plenty of cafeterias and restaurants nearby. Totally worth it to walk towards it.

Maximilian Fountain

This is a 500 years old fountain and perhaps the most famous fountain in Bratislava. It is located in the old city center, therefore it is very easy to reach it. Plus, it is surrounded by old nice looking buildings, museums and palaces.

During our visit in Bratislava, the fountain was under restoration and it was covered. We slightly manage to see some details through that wrapping.

Old town hall (Stara Radnica)


Right close to the Maximilian Fountain we found the oldest city hall from all Slovakia. It is located in the heart of the city center and what makes it distinguishable is the roof with colorful tiles and the tower that was build 700 years ago.


Very close to it there is a market with many local products. The souvenir lovers will be happy to stop here for a while.

Michael’s gate

It was amazing to find out that there are so many buildings that date from 1300. And this medieval fortification is part of them.


On this part of the city, the old and the new amazingly bind together. In the Michael’s gate vicinity we found luxury shops, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Landererov park


This is perhaps not even mentioned in the Bratislava travel guides. We ended up here because it was actually on our way to the bus station. It is absolutely not touristic at all.


But it was perfect for us. We enjoyed our lunch there, a peaceful and nice place for a picnic.

Church of St Elizabeth


One word: spectacular. What makes it special is the blue color that covers its facades and roof. The “Little Blue Church” was built in 1909 and it is consecrated to Elisabeth of Hungary, that after her death became a symbol of Christian charity.

Here is the itinerary we had for one day in Bratislava:


How much did one day in Bratislava cost us?

Transport to and from Bratislava – €9/ person (as detailed above)

Public transport – €0/ person. We didn’t use the public transport, we discovered the city by walk

Food and drinks – €3.5/ person. If we want to keep our budget on a normal line we go shopping in supermarkets. It’s how we did here as well. We bought food from Lidl and had a picnic in the Landererov park. Cheap and lovely 😁.

Entrance fee to the touristic objectives: €0/ person. There was no tax we needed to pay for the places we visited.

So, an amazing amount of €12.5/ person to visit a capital. Quite cheap, right?

I have to be honest, we felt a bit tired at the end of the day but in the same time, happy and fulfilled. And lucky to have found that super ticket.

Would you change your itinerary if you find a cheap ticket? 😁

Happy travels, guys! 🎒🌍

Create the moments you want to remember!

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