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Andros Island, Greece and the 27 hours journey


Going to Andros Island, Greece, was a last minute opportunity that actually matched perfectly with our plans. Spending the summer on a Greek island was something we missed for a while.

Andros Island, Greece, and the 27 hours journey

Andros Island is part of the Cyclades islands, being the second one by size. It has an area of 380 square km and about 9200 inhabitants. Luckily enough, the island combines the dry Greek landscape with rich vegetation and abundant waters. Small waterfalls, mountains and the beautiful Aegean sea coastline are all comprised in here.


How did we choose Andros Island?

Two months ago we knew nothing about this island 🙈. And strolling on the Workaway platform we found details about Andros. The description about its history, beauty and particularities caught our attention so we applied. And here we are, after 2 weeks looking for ways of transport to reach the island.

If you want to find out more about Workaway platform you can check our article here.

How to travel to Andros

Due to the fact that it is less than 2 hours far from Athens, the easiest way for your trip is to find a connection from your place to the capital of Greece. By plane or by bus, there are plenty of options available online.

The fastest option is, of course, by plane. For us, it was a last minute trip, therefore the price for the direct flight tickets was not so good. Also, we wanted to take our yoga mats with us and not paying for a full cabin bag as we are traveling with two backpacks 😁. So, here we are, buying a bus ticket from Bucharest to Athens. Some friends told us we are crazy but this is not something we haven’t heard it before 😂.


Bucharest to Andros Island and a 27 hours trip

Let’s see how! 😊

Bus trip from Bucharest to Athens

We started our journey by leaving Bucharest at 2PM in a big bus full of people, music and excitement. We were told that the trip is going to last 16 hours until we arrive in Athens, so all we needed was patience and good movies. 😁


And actually we had both. Plus, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset in Bulgaria and an amazing sunrise in Greece. We arrived in Athens at 8.30AM the following day, with a delay of 2 hours and a half.

Good morning, Greece!

Bus trip from Athens to Port of Rafina

Once we arrived in Athens we headed up to KTEL Athens Bus Station Terminal B to catch a bus that connects the capital with the Port of Rafina. Here are the coordinates to help you find it easier. The price for a ticket is €2.60 and the trip duration 75 minutes. You can find below the timetable.


Ferryboat from Port of Rafina to Andros Island

The bus left us directly on the port, close to the ferry ticket offices. It was 11AM and the earliest ferry was leaving Rafina at 3PM. 4 hours to wait…nothing to do so we bought the tickets: €24/ person. It was a fast ferry, spending only one hour and 15 minutes on the sea. What we found out later on is that there is another ferry at 6PM that takes longer to arrive to Andros (2 hours) but is cheaper.


Anyway, very close to the port is a sandy beach and a small park. Guess what we did in the spare time? Yeah, laying down under the sun.

Rafina beach
When the backpack is the perfect legs support

Did I say before that we had to wait 4 hours till the ferry is leaving!?!? I was wrong, it had also a delay of 1 hour. 🙃

***Just a small note, once in the port waiting for the ferry, don’t look for signs or markings to find the boat. Because they are missing 😂. When a ferry arrives just go there and ask its destination.

What else?

The 27 hours trip made us realize:

🎒 Better have no expectations about the transport and be positively surprised;

🎒 Don’t entirely rely on the schedule and always give yourself additional time for possible delays;

🎒 After more than one day of continuous traveling we still love the idea of spending hours in a bus;

🎒 Will keep on using this transport for our future trips.


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