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One day in Interlaken and how to avoid the crowds


You might already know that we are the kind of people who prefer the quiet places and sometimes less touristic. That is why, since we decided to go to Switzerland, we agreed together that Interlaken will not be on the list. Funny, right?!?! Here we are, spending few hours in Interlaken, perhaps the most touristic and Instagramable place in Switzerland.


One day in Interlaken and how to avoid the crowds

How did we decide? looking on the map and checking what are the places nearby us. 😂 We had a full driving day, discovering Bern and Interlaken. If you want to see what to do in Bern in one day feel free to check our article here.

The way to Interlaken, Switzerland

A bit about Interlaken and things you can do while in there

Interlaken is actually a beautiful village in Switzerland with amazing views over the mountains and lakes. The Aare river crosses this area and together with the Alps make one of the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen. This is actually the reason why we came here:


It is true that the area is packed with tourists (yes, we were part of them, I know) but it is still worth it the visit. More photos here to see that I’m right 😀

If you are a shopping fanatic you should know that the city center has plenty of stores where you can easily spend all your money. 😀

Höheweg Street

Most of the brand stores are located on the main street, Höheweg, that sometimes becomes pedestrian only due to the number of people willing to shop.


For the ones of you who simply want to enjoy the views we suggest you to stroll the streets, find a great spot on the grass or on a bench and relax. We enjoyed a lot the small park called Höhematte with the unobstructed views over the mountains.

Höhematte Park

We were lucky enough to see also some snow on the peaks and flowers entirely bloomed nearby.


A great way to enjoy a more peaceful time there is to cross the border to the closest village, Unterseen. It is less than 5 minutes far from the train station. By walk, of course 🙂


Isn’t it beautiful? 🙂

How to visit Interlaken on a budget?

Interlaken on a budget? It depends of your budget but I would say that it is almost impossible. The accommodation at a reasonable price is very hard to find.
A normal meal is far from a budget one. But you can always choose a day trip that can help you avoid these expenses.


Was it worth it to see it? Yes, it was, the views make it all.
Would we go back again? Not sure, maybe to see also the nearby villages like the one below 😀


Did you ever visit a place that was quite over your budget? If yes, which one?

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