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About Workaway and how to travel on a budget

We have been backpacking for 2 months now and since then we are always mentioning about our Workaway experience. On our Facebook account, Instagram postings or even private conversations. We had received so many questions about this platform so I thought it would be easier to dedicate an entire article to it.

About Workaway and how to travel on a budget

So here it is:

Return-to-top-button-bulletWhat is Workaway?

We like to say that is one of the best ways to explore the world on a budget. It is actually an online platform that gives you the opportunity to have some amazing cultural exchanges while traveling in exchange of few working hours. The website is divided in two: volunteers (Workawayers) and hosts.

I like to compare it with the AirBnb website where you look for an accommodation in different parts of the world. Don’t you have an account yet? Sign up with my link and you will get up to €49 off your first trip. 😉

The only difference is that on Workaway website you don’t have to pay for the accommodation, the host asks for few hours of work. There are usually 4 to 5 hours per day, 5 days a week. For these working hours you receive also 3 daily meals. If you want to spend less time working you can choose to work only 3 hours per day but you might need to buy and cook for yourself.

Return-to-top-button-bulletTypes of work

This depends a lot on the host and of course, on the location. Most of the ones that are located in the countryside area include farm work, organic or not.  Also, some permaculture and self sufficient projects are also in the outskirts of a big city.


There are hosts that ask for some babysitting or animal care. Also, there are B&B (Bed & Breakfast) options that need some help with the reception, cooking or even cleaning the rooms or common areas. Not to forget that web design, marketing or video editing are part of the skills that hosts are looking for.

Return-to-top-button-bulletDo you need a visa for Workaway?

This is an important detail that every one of you must check before traveling to new countries. In most of the places the only thing you need is a tourist visa. Or, if you come from an EU country and apply to a host also from the EU or EEA, your passport is more than enough.

Return-to-top-button-bulletHow much does Workaway cost?

As I mentioned before, Workaway is an online platform. In order to have access to these opportunities you need to register by creating an account. The price differs on the account type. If you are traveling alone (choose the individual account) the fee you must pay is EUR 36 per year. But if you travel together with someone else (choose the couple account) you need to pay EUR 48 for one year.

Return-to-top-button-bulletWorkaway Advantages

Bicycle ride in Switzerland
Stir fry polenta
Gruyères, Switzerland

Return-to-top-button-bulletWorkaway Disadvantages


We are now enjoying our 3rd Workaway experience and we feel that overall there are more pros than cons (even though we faced ups and downs with our first host). I think every experience teaches us something, it is on us to make the best of it. ❤️

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