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Lausanne, our first contact with Switzerland


We started our backpacking trip in Europe with the SW part of Germany, where we had spent about 3 weeks. We had interesting experiences there and we visited nice places. If you didn’t have the chance to read about them till now, check them here.


So after Germany we decided to continue our travel journey in Switzerland, a country totally new for us. All we knew was that it has some of the most beautiful landscapes and we can honestly confirm this. 🙂 You can convince yourself with this photos.

Lausanne, our first contact with Switzerland

Most of the time, the first contact with a new country is in the airport. From the attitude of custom officers to how the airport is decorated with local items.

Night bus trip to Lausanne

But this was not the case for us because we chose to travel from Germany to Switzerland by bus. Why? Because this was actually the cheapest option, a night bus from Frankfurt to Lausanne operated by FlixBus. There were about 8 hours of travel and we paid €30/ person.

***FlixBus is an affordable option to travel around Europe so go and check their website here.

Lausanne, happy to be here

So, we arrived in Lausanne at 6.30AM. First impression: so quiet 😮😂


The bus station (P+R VĂ©lodrome) was outside of the city center so we had the chance to walk and feel the vibe. Practically, a wrong one as at the beginning we thought that Lausanne looks more like a small city with not so many things to do than of what it really is.


But once we reached the downtown we could see the difference. The cobbled and sloping streets started to become more animated. Cafeterias, shops, or even small restaurants were ready to open the doors.


There is a beautiful mix of old and new in Lausanne, from the majestic Cathedral that dates from the 12th century to the luxury yachts anchored on the Lake Geneva (Lac LĂ©man). The old town comprises many brand shops so if you are in the mood for shopping this might be the right place. The beautiful old buildings stand by the lake in the fancy Ouchy area, with architectural designs that embellish the promenade.

Lausanne Cathedral
Lake Geneva (Lac LĂ©man), Lausanne


Few things to know for the first time in Switzerland

As you may already know we decided to backpack in Europe for a couple of months. So, we chose a mobile plan that offers roaming in EU countries and EEA. Once we arrived in Lausanne we realized that we cannot use the phone because Switzerland is not part of any of them (I know, we should have known this đŸ€«). Therefore, make sure you choose the proper mobile service when you decide to come here. 🙂

Also, please keep in mind that there is no need for visa to enter the country for EU passport holders. For us it was just a normal document control at the German border.

Lausanne is located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. But even so, many people speak English so nothing to worry about the language barrier.

The Swiss currency is the Swiss franc (1 CHF = 0.87 EUR). But we are glad to say that we could pay in supermarkets with EUR banknotes and received the change in CHF. Might not be the best exchange rate but for a fast shopping is totally worth it.

To be continued..

Mon Repos Park, Lausanne

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