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One day in Idar-Oberstein, things we liked to do and see


There is one more city of the Rhineland-Palatinate area that we explored but this time not by walk: Idar-Oberstein. It is about 25 km far from our Workaway accommodation so with 2 buses we arrived there in 3 hours. Yes, 3 hours to reach Idar-Oberstein. 😂

It is a small city situated on a hilly area, quite nice for trekking lovers, also known as Bruce Willis’s birthplace. It is great for being explored by walk.

One day in Idar-Oberstein, things we liked to do and see


Arriving here early in the morning our first thing we’ve done was to stop in one of the coffee shops to warm up. Joking, not warming up but for a nice coffee. 😀 And then, we continued exploring as per below.

Return-to-top-button-bulletLook for the Felsenkirche (Church in the Rock)

This is perhaps the most captivating spot in Idar-Oberstein. It is a church built in a rock, around 600 years ago, that unfortunately it is not open for visitors now. Due to the falling rock the the church will remain closed until the end of 2020.


Even though we couldn’t enter into the church it was really nice to see it. We simply found a good spot on Hauptstraße, close to the piazza, to see all it’s details.

Here you can read a bit more about the history of the Church in the Rock and many other details.

Return-to-top-button-bulletHike to Burg Bosselstein (Fort Bosselstein)

We could see this fortress once we arrived in Idar-Oberstein. It is situated on a steep rocky ridge above the Idar-Oberstein Felsenkirche, guarding the above the Nahe valley and the entire city.


There is not much left from the old Bosselstein castle but the ruins and the views over the city worth the hike.


The walk up to the castle is really pretty and not too difficult. You can combine it with hiking to the nearby Oberstein Castle and Felsenkirche. Don’t be disappointing if the roads are sometimes closed. It might be because of the falling rocks or the slippery pathways. We faced this last week.

Return-to-top-button-bulletVisit the Schloss Oberstein (Oberstein Castle)


This castle can be seen from almost all the areas of the city as it is placed on top of the hill. There are many pathways to reach the top and most of them gave us the impression of entering into private properties.


But no worries, there are many tourist signs that you just need to follow. Plus, we enjoyed a lot the hiking in the forest area and the views over the city.


The Oberstein Castle was built in the 14th century but was destroyed afterwards during wars. There were restorations done even recently and now the castle can be easily visit. And for only €2.


For the opening hours you can check here.

Return-to-top-button-bulletSee the Gemstone Museum


All we knew about this city was that it is famous due to its gemstones. So if you want to see thousands of minerals, gemstones and carvings we recommend you to stop here. Many details are on the museum website.

Return-to-top-button-bulletEnjoy your coffee in the piazza


Mornings in April might be really cold here so a warm and tasty coffee was exactly what we needed. Strolling the Hauptstraße we ended up in a small and cozy piazza, with cafeterias, bakeries and some restaurants. We grabbed a coffee and enjoyed a quiet morning.

Return-to-top-button-bulletWander the streets


From narrow and hilly streets to cobbled roads, we like to choose them without any specific reason or destination. If you are into shopping there is Hauptstraße, mostly a pedestrian street that has plenty of outlets, supermarkets and souvenir shops.


How to reach Idar-Oberstein

By train or by bus as all of them stop at the Idar-Oberstein Bahnhof (train station). It is very close to all the touristic points. Just follow the signs, choose Hauptstraße path and here you are, in the old center.

Or you can always take a taxi for a short distance. But make sure you always mention the city and the district you want to arrive to, or better, show them the place on the map.


Because we took a cab on the way back to Bollenbach (we were 3 people and it cost us less than the bus) and we ended up in another city. 😂 Two different places named the same.

It was very funny as the driver stopped us in front of a house and he said: here you are, this is the address. Whaaat????? No way! We didn’t know a lot about the place but we could at least recognize the house. 😂

Happy travels, guys! 😀

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