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Day trip to Montreux and its surroundings, Switzerland


We arrived in Switzerland last week and we absolutely love it. We managed to see different spots, touristic or not, but all spectacular. There is one that impressed us a lot, a day trip to Montreux, by car.

Day trip to Montreux and its surroundings, Switzerland

We had a free afternoon and as I like to call us “Spontaneous people” we decided to have a day trip to Montreux. There is about one hour drive from our current location to the capital of the Vaud Riviera, Montreux.


We started our trip in the countryside area of Vaud, with green hills, forests, flowers and just few cars on the roads. Once going more to the southern region the classic streets change to curved roads and the majestic mountains appear.

Stop at beautiful Chexbres

Chexbres is a charming village, well known for its local wine production. The terraced vineyards that spread over 30 km are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lavaux.


More than this, this place has the benefits of remarkable views of Lake Geneva. The pictures below make the best description of this region.


Stop at charming Vevey

Vevey has a perfect location on the shore of Lake Geneva with nice promenade and a bit hidden beaches. Long walks or cycling rides on the lakeside offer you unobstructed panorama over the Alps. The old city center worth as well a visit.

Stop at elegant Montreux

Continuing our trip through winded roads we reached Montreux in a very short time. It is a city full of life, with cafeterias, restaurants and plenty of luxurious hotels.


The long promenade, filled with colorful tulips, made us stroll it without any destination. We couldn’t get enough of the thrilling views of the Alps and Lake Geneva.


We couldn’t not explore the inside of the city, so, as always, we got lost (how we like to say) in Montreux. Rambling with no purpose is part of our traveling. πŸ˜€

Church at Geneva Lake in Montreux

Stop at ChΓ’teau de Chillon (Chillon Castle)

It is one of the most visited historic edifice in Switzerland. Perhaps because it is built on a rocky island or maybe due to its year of construction, we don’t know. But what we really can bet is that it has remarkable lake and mountain views.


Chillon Castle is surrounded by the Swiss mountains, the Geneva Lake and the chic and fancy Montreux city.

There are few hidden beaches nearby. We chose one and we enjoyed our dinner with a view πŸ™‚


The castle is open daily for visitors and the ticket price is CHF 12,50/ person. Check here for additional details.


Public transport in Montreux and surroundings (Vaud Riviera)

There are buses that cross the city on a established schedule. The timetable, the prices and the bus stations are mentioned here.

Parking in Montreux and surroundings (Vaud Riviera)

There are few ways of parking to chose from:

There are perhaps more photos than usual in this post but I am sure you understand why. πŸ˜›


Happy travels! πŸ˜€

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