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Rhineland-Palatinate area, Germany and what we explored by walk


We have been living for 2 weeks in Birkenfeld district in Germany. It is part of , Rhineland-Palatinate state, a nice region in the South-West part of Germany that covers some beautiful cities and villages.


The time spent here was more in the countryside area than the city life but we had actually enjoyed it. It is everything so peaceful, calm and relaxing. We are surrounded by forests, hills and cobbled streets.


But there is a disadvantage: you must have a car as the public transport is almost non-existent. There is only a morning bus to a nearby railway station, used for the kids to arrive to school. You either explore by walk the surroundings or you just stay in the same place. ­čśŤ


Therefore, as we always like to discover new places we couldn’t just stay in one location only. Using MAPS.ME, an offline map and travel navigation, we started exploring the nearby villages. We use a lot this app, we just download the map for the region we are traveling to and everything is solved :D. Let us know if you find this software useful.


So, here they are, the villages and cities we managed to visit by walk till now in Birkenfeld district, Rhineland-Palatinate:


This is actually the village we are living in now. It is a small one with only 130 inhabitants but I don’t know why literally no one is on the roads. Every time we go for a walk in the village we don’t meet anybody. Maybe they are hiding from us. ­čśé

Sunset in Bollenbach

The houses are simple but very well organised even though some of them are 100 years old. There are plenty of plain green fields, perfect for riding, cycling, hiking and having quiet time to relax.


We spend our time here mostly in the nature, taking care of the horses, even riding them, walking and trekking in the forests. There are not so many things to do in here, that’s why whenever we have some free time we go to other villages. Maybe there is something new there to be discovered ­čśÇ



This place is actually our favorite. Not because the architecture or landscape but because it is bigger than Bollenbach and it has…shops and bakeries :))) A cup of coffee and something sweet, this is happiness :))))


As there is no bus that connects Bollenbach to Rhaunen during weekends we are always reaching it by foot. It is about one hour trip (4.5 km), crossing a forest and enjoying the countryside views.

Bollenbach to Rhunen country rode

In Rhaunen we simply wander the streets. The architecture is beautiful, the small gardens in front of the houses are full of flowers and honestly, the people are always smiling and greeting.

Rhaunen church


Checking the map to see what other places we could see nearby we saw that there is an old castle very close to us. So, by simply traverse a forest for 30 minutes we arrived in Bundenbach. It is a charming village situated on a hill that dates from antiquity. We strolled the streets, took some photos and relaxed under the sun.

Bollenbach to Bundenbach country road

Very close to this village we found the Schmidtburg castle, a ruined fortress that dates from 926. There are plenty of trekking paths to reach it and they are all worth it.




This is the closest village to Bollenbach, only 0.7 km far. They are quite similar. It is a very small place, discrete and noiseless. Perfect for a short walk.


After this country life style we are heading to bigger cities. And not only in the Rhineland-Palatinate area. You can follow us on Instagram or Facebook for real time posts.

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