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Things to do in Sibiu, Romania and a beautiful train ride from Bucharest


And the most expected moment for us came: backpacking in Europe.  After few weeks spent with family and friends we decided it was time for us to start exploring. We had stuffed few things in our small backpacks and headed to Bucharest North railway station. First stop: Sibiu, Romania, a beautiful charming city located in southern Transylvania.

Bucharest to Sibiu by Train

Things to do in Sibiu, Romania

As you may already know we love to discover cities by foot. What is amazing is that Sibiu gave us this opportunity. There is a public transport but we never used it.

Sibiu is on it’s own, a museum. All the beautiful old buildings, the piazzas, the Baroque architecture, the German influence make Sibiu being one of the most beautiful Romanian cities.

So, here are the things we did while in Sibiu:

Return-to-top-button-bulletSpending some time in Piața Mare (Grand Square)


Everyone knows this tourist point in Sibiu. With multitude of buildings dating from 13th century The Grand Square is now the location for festivals, concerts, restaurants and coffee shops.

Return-to-top-button-bulletBrukenthal National Museum


If you have enough time to spend here we suggest you to go and discover history, art and a big collection of manuscripts and books in this amazing place. The opening hours and some details about the tickets can be found on the Brukenthal Museum website. This amazing gallery is located in the Grand Square.

Return-to-top-button-bulletTurnul Sfatului (Council Tower)


While still enjoying our coffee we headed to the Small Square where the Council Tower guards. It is dating from the 13th century and used as an entrance, observation tower, prison and museum.

View from the top of the Council Tower

For a very small price ticket (RON 2/ €0,40) we climbed 141 stairs to the top of the tower. The views are so beautiful and if you catch the sunset from that point it’s spectacular.

Return-to-top-button-bulletPiața Mică (Small Square)


Just behind the Grand Square we found the merchants’ houses built around 15th century.


The Small Square is filled with the “eyes of Sibiu” houses. The name comes from the special windows created in the roof with the shape of an eye. Therefore, while in Sibiu, you are being watched. 😀 👀

Return-to-top-button-bulletPodul Minciunilor (Bridge of Lies)


While heading to Huet Square we stopped a bit to the Bridge of Lies. This passage built in 1859 and it has a legend behind his name. It is said that the bridge makes strange noises if someone is crossing it and tells lies. You may call it the lie detector as well. 😀

Return-to-top-button-bulletPiața Huet (Huet Square) and the Lutheran Cathedral


Located very close to the Small Square, the Lutheran Cathedral is one of the largest Gothic churches in Transylvania that dates from the 14th century.

Return-to-top-button-bulletExplore a bit the Lower town


Is the part of the city where merchants and craftsmen used to lived. We enjoyed a lot the cobbled and narrow streets and the unsophisticated and simple houses.

Return-to-top-button-bulletStroll on the pedestrian alleys


Most of the old city center of Sibiu is pedestrian but maybe the most crowded and popular one is Nicolae Balcescu street. Restaurants, outlet shops, fast foods and street vendors, they are all compacted in this area.

Bucharest to Sibiu train ride

Now that you know what to do in Sibiu I think it might be good to tell you how we arrived there.

We opted for a train trip from Bucharest that lasted about 5h and 30 minutes. We know this is not the shortest trip but we can guarantee, the landscapes are pretty.

Bucharest to Sibiu by train
Bucharest to Sibiu by train

You can buy the ticket online but we actually bought it directly from the ticket desk. The price was RON 72,60/ €15 per person and it was operated by CFR Calatori.


***When looking for train tickets in Romania use this website as there are mentioned all the train operators available in our country.

***Most of the regional trains don’t have a restaurant area, therefore make sure you buy all you may need for the journey before boarding the train.

As a small note at the end, we think that this city can be explored in one day, a weekend or maybe a week. So take all the time you need, it is definitely worth it. 🙂

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