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We quit our jobs and sold everything to travel the world


We bought a one way ticket again!!! We quit our jobs and sold everything to travel the world!!! So excited!

After spending almost 4 years in Malta, working, making friends, spending time in the nature, traveling abroad from time to time, we decided that is time for us to make a change.
It was a debate if we should just move to another country but I think we had too many options to choose from that made it hard to pick only one. Therefore, we decided to just explore all of them 😀


We sold most of our things, which took us quite a long time but I can honestly say that it’s worth it. You can really get some money from selling the things you don’t need anymore. And I am sure everyone has few of them.
I was sure that all my things are useful, but I was wrong. Don’t you have bags, IT products, cutlery that you didn’t use for at least one year?

Then we ended up with only 2 trolleys and 2 backpacks. Awesome, right!? I love this feeling. The less you have the easiest it is to drop them to your mom’s house 😄

George quit his job, a working place that he really enjoyed and I had to say “Good bye” to some of the most amazing souls I ever met during my yoga classes.
But it’s fine, it is that amazing mix of emotions: excitement, melancholy, fears and letting go feelings.

Where are we heading to?

First stop: Romania. We are going to spend about 2 weeks here, catching up with family and friends, exploring our beautiful country as there are so many places we didn’t visit before.
After that we start our adventure with 2 backpacks. One country at a time, with no rush, trying to feel the vibe of the country, to meet people, to understand new cultures.
Next stop: Germany. We’ve never been here before so we look forward 🙂
And after this, moving to other countries and continents. But we reveal more of this soon.

Why are we doing this?

These were perhaps the most asked questions: Why are you doing this? What are you looking for? What are you running of? Why do you need a change? 🙄

It is simple: Because we want to see the world, to do what we love, to live a different life. There is nothing about running, it is just the idea of living the life you love. It is about following your dreams, evolving, having faith, confidence and desire to do things with passion.

How much time are we going to do this?

No idea. As much as we can. It is something we desired for some time but I think it was to scary to focus on it. We want to try it. We want to feel it.
I think it doesn’t matter how big your dreams are, it’s important to follow them. 🙂

How do we afford to travel?

We didn’t win the lottery as some of our friends thought 😂
Just working before this escapade, saving money, selling things as we mentioned before. And that’s it 🙂
Of course, it is also the idea of how we travel, on a budget or luxury. It is not hard to guess which one fits us best, Workaway is our friend now. 😀

What are we going to do?

Travel, explore and share all we discover with you through our blog articles and social networks. We want to diversify the content of our blog, adding travel videos, tips and being honest while sharing our experiences.
From time to time I am going to post some yoga classes held by me in every place we visit. Like this one recorded in Malta.

I honestly say, yoga and travel match perfectly.

So this is it. Excited for what it comes. 😀

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I am writing this article from a bus, getting used to the idea of working from any place in the world.

Don’t forget that “all your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them” (Walt Disney). ❤️

Create the moments you want to remember!

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