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Malta Travel Guide: Transport, Food, Things to do


We’ve been living in Malta for almost 4 years so all the memories about this country are still fresh. Therefore, why not to share with you an useful Malta Travel Guide?

So, here we are: What to eat, where to stay, what are the typical costs and so on.

Malta Travel Guide

The tiny island located in the middle of Mediterranean Sea is the world’s tenth smallest country. The Land of Knights (316 square km size) contains amazing ancient temples, UNESCO World Heritage sites and some of the most spectacular landscapes.


Malta has one of the warmest climates in Europe, therefore it became a top summer and winter destination, having in 2017 more than 2,2 million visitors. I know, a lot, but won’t you visit a country that has prehistorical monuments and a walkable distance capital?

Return-to-top-button-bulletWhat to expect from Malta

As you might already noticed we like to review every place we visit. So here is a list with what we love and what we don’t like about Malta.

Thumbs_upThe weather is amazing all year around;

Beautiful sea views, rocky or sandy beaches and friendly people;

English is the second official language;



In the last period of time the traffic became worst;

There is no central heating, therefore is very cold inside the houses during winter.

Overall, we think that Malta is special. There are few reasons why we consider it’s like this. Have a look here.

Return-to-top-button-bulletTransport in Malta

Below are all the ways you can reach Malta or travel inside the islands.


The easiest way to reach the island is by plane. There are many cheap options so make sure you are following the right flight operators.


***Malta International Airport is located on the main island, Malta. As an additional note, Malta archipelago has 3 inhabited islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Taxi and car rentals

Once you arrive at the airport there is a taxi service available. There are fixed prices but they depend on the destination. Make sure you know the city you are heading to and check the price list available here.

If you are interested in car rentals you can pre-book or you can just do it upon arrival. Here are the car hire companies available at the airport.

Public transport

The public transport in Malta consists of buses and ferries. Every city has bus connection to Valletta (Malta) or Rabat (Gozo), which are the main hubs of the islands. A bus ticket is available for 2 hours, costs €1.5 (winter) and €2 (summer) but there are also travel cards with better offers. See what options are available here.

It is important to highlight that the buses are not always on time. And during the rush hour…be patient! 😀

The ferry service operates from Valletta to Sliema and from Valletta to Cospicua. A one way ticket is €1.5 and €2.8 if the return is included. For additional information you can check the Tallinja Ferry Service website.

Ferries to connect the islands

Malta to Comino – this is a 30 minutes trip. Schedule and prices can be found here.

Malta to Gozo – This ferry operates all year round, day and night. It is a 20 minutes trip that costs €4.65 both ways (the ticket is bought only on the way back from Gozo). More details about the timetable are mentioned here.

Ferry from Malta to Gozo

Return-to-top-button-bulletWhere to stay in Malta

Actually, everywhere. It is so small that there is no far place here. 🙂 We will give you some options based on some activities:

Shops, restaurants, nightlife, multitude of hotels: Gzira, Sliema, Saint Julian

Sliema, Malta

Sandy beach, popular resorts, close to Gozo and Comino: Mellieha, St Paul’s Bay, Bugibba and Qawra

Mellieha, Malta

Embracing the capital life: Valletta

Valletta, Malta

A more quiet holiday: Marsaskala, Attard, Mdina, Rabat

Marsaskala, Malta

What to eat in Malta

Every time we explore a new country we want to try their local food. And we did it here as well. We think that Maltese cuisine is influenced by different countries and cultures such as Italy, Northern Africa and England.

Maltese platter

Finding good and cheap food in Malta is pretty easy. There are small local restaurants, cozy cafeterias, or even fast foods. You can find a pastizzi (a filled pastry with ricotta or peas) for less than €1, an arancini (Sicilian rice balls) for about €3, or a ftira (Maltese bread with tuna) for around €4-6.


A simple meal at a restaurant will cost you perhaps €10-12 but a fancier one can exceed even €25.

A still bottle of water (0.75l) in a restaurant costs around €3, a coffee €2, a cocktail €7 and a bottle of wine €12.


There is always a cheaper option, buying from a grocery store and cooking your own meal. 

***Please note that all the about prices might differ due to restaurant type, location and even high or low season.

Return-to-top-button-bulletWhat to do in Malta

Visit Valletta – Wander the narrow roads, enjoy a coffee or an ice cream in one of the outdoor gardens, explore museums and churches.


Explore Mdina – The old capital, the silent city, our favorite Maltese place. See here all you need to know about this charming city.


Go to Blue Grotto – Enjoy the spectacular unobstructed sea views and the uninhabited Filfla island.


Visit prehistorical temples – They are built during Neolithic and Bronze age. Opening hours and prices are mentioned here.

Mnajdra Temples Malta

Relax on the beach – Find a spot on the Maltese shore and melt yourself under the sun.

Spend some time in Comino – Enjoy the most clear and turquoise water from the surroundings, swim, snorkel or dive. There is an entire article about Comino on our blog. Check it here.


Discover Gozo – Visit the Citadel, relax on the beach, stroll the local markets.

Rabat, Gozo

Explore the countryside of Malta – Hike and get lost in the dusty narrowed streets without having a real destination. 

Dingli, Malta

Ready to book your next holiday in Malta? 🙂

Create the moments you want to remember!





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