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4 Places to See the Most Beautiful Sunset in Malta


We love chasing the sunsets. No matter where we are we make a point to capture this moment. For us is perhaps the best way to end our day. The gradient colors, from yellow to orange or even red, a quiet place and perhaps a glass of wine. They perfectly match . 😀

4 Places to See the Most Beautiful Sunset in Malta

There are several points to enjoy the sunset in Malta but we’ve done a top with our favorite ones. Feel free to share yours as well. ☀️😍

Blue Grotto

This is perhaps one of the most touristic points in Malta.  Even though during the day it may become crowded and noisy, the evening offers you an amazing sunset with quiet surroundings.


There are some benches you can sit on but we totally love to lay down on the rocks to simply be closer to the sea (just be careful as sometimes might be slippery). The sound of the waves hitting the shore and the sun coming down into the see…what to wish more?!?!


***How to reach: by car (there is a parking space close to this point, fee based on donation only) or by bus (Route 74 from Valletta)

Riviera Bay

This time we chose to include in our list a beautiful sandy beach with a hillside behind. Also known as Għajn Tuffieħa Bay (the apple’s eye), this place is located on the western side of Malta. Pretty awesome because the golden disc is going to touch the surface of the sea while it sets down.


For more privacy you may just follow the stairs and reach the top of the cliffs where a defense tower dates from 1600. The views are spectacular while the sun slips quickly behind the line of the horizon.


***How to reach: by car (parking is available next to the defense tower, based on donation only) or by bus (Route 44 from Valletta)


This is actually not a touristic place but is a nice countryside area to enjoy some walks in nature. The views are lovely both during day and night but we can assure you that the sunset is spectacular.


Imagine being on top of the world (it is how it is named as well) and watching the sky changing its colors from minute to minute. How does it sound?


***How to reach: by car (few parking places available for free) or by bus (Route 46 from Valletta). There are about 10 minutes walking distance from the center of Ghargur to the view point.

Red Tower Mellieħa

The Northern part of Malta is guarded by an imposing red tower situated on a top hill that dates from 1649.    Saint Agatha’s Tower is open daily for visitors. And besides the spectacular views over the island you may face spectacular sunsets as well.


Every Thursday , starting 7.30 PM (especially during summer), you can clink a glass of wine or juice while enjoying the sky painted in dynamic colors as the sun goes down. And all these for €5 only.


***How to reach: by car (There is available parking for free outside the tower) or by bus (Route 41 and Route 42 from Valletta and Route X1 from the airport).

Do you know what I find amazing? That you don’t need to stick with these 4 places only. Explore Malta by dusk and you will find more. 🙂

St. Peter's Pool-Malta
Sunset over Malta

Malta is truly special and we mean it! You may see here why. 🙂

Create the moments you want to remember!

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