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Hopping to Panak Island on the way to James Bond Island, Phang Nga Bay


Have you ever explored a place that scared you and made you enjoy it in the same time? I faced this in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand. Made me panic, swear and wish to press the teleportation button if possible. 😐

***To point this out from the beginning, this is my point of view only as George loved this place.

Hopping to Panak Island on the way to James Bond Island

When we travel we usually explore a place based on our itinerary, without any organized tours. But in Thailand we wanted to visit the surrounding islands and the easiest way to do it was by booking through tourism agencies. JP Andaman Tour was the one we chose for this trip.


We booked a tour with the main attraction James Bond Island, Phang Nga Bay and we didn’t pay too much attention to the additional places included in the excursion. Anyway, let’s come to the main subject 🙂


The day started great: morning excitement, speed boat, adrenaline, amazing sea views and the first stop, a beautiful small beach in Panak Island. I thought it will be the classic time spent on the beach until the moment when our tour guide said: let’s explore the cave. Cave?!?!?!?!Which cave?!?!?! 😮 (hmm, I am bit claustrophobic).


Way in

Anyway, let’s do it! 20 people, 1 guide and 1 flashlight and 3 rules: keep the shoes on, mind the head (the top of the cave wasn’t too high) and follow the light. Great!Panak-Island-Cave-Thailand-4

Once we entered the cave the water started to reach our ankles and sooner our calves, making a bit difficult our exploration into the dark. I started to feel some slimy things wrap around my ankles…amazing 🙄. But wasn’t as bad as I expected.

Mangrove forest


At the end of the tunnel we found ourselves surrounded by gigantic hills, beautiful mangrove forest, monkeys and birds providing the background music. The swamp, the crabs, the high trees made that spot looking like a paint.

Mangrove forest, Phang Nga Bay

True or not, the guide told us that there are only monkeys and snakes who live there as they have been stuck because of the tide. That was the reason why we had less than 10 minutes to explore the forest as the water level increased and the place started to get flooded.


Way out

So, let’s cross again the dark tunnel. This time I was the second person behind the guide, to have more light 😀 . I said  to myself: the same 5 minutes and you are done. But those 5 minutes felt much longer than I thought as this time the water was reaching our hips and…I had in mind that some snakes might be inside the water. Felting again those things coming to my feet made me just counting down the minutes until the end of the tunnel. The worst moment was when the guide, who was the leader, gave the flashlight to the tourist in front of me and he went back. 😯

The water was almost reaching our waist and it started to become even more difficult to move forward. The panic moment came when we crossed another path and we didn’t know which one leads us to the exit.  Happily we chose the right path and after few meters the sun light started to appear.

Out of the cave!!!!!!! 😀


There were people laughing. Some of them had scratches on their feet but were released by the fear. Others were happy of having that experience. I think I was released 😀
Looking back now, I am glad I had this opportunity but I am not sure if I would do it again.

It might not be scary for some of you but I swear, those 5 minutes felt like hours to me. Phang Nga Bay, you are amazing!


Hope you enjoyed reading it and if you have any scary or different experience share them with us. We would love to hear them. 🙂

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