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One day in Comino, Malta


When I first heard about Malta I was imagining just a single island, realizing later that this tiny country includes a picturesque archipelago spoiled by sun in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. I was surprised to find out that actually Malta comprises 3 inhabited islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino), Comino being the smallest one, and other 18 small uninhabited islands.

One day in Comino, Malta

Located between Gozo and Malta, Comino is heaven for snorkelers and divers, having the most clear and turquoise water from the surroundings.


Kemmuna, how it is named by Maltese people, is a tiny piece of rock that might give you one of the best experiences of your summer trip. A hundred years old structure, crystal blue water, trekking paths, views over Malta and Gozo, all these available in 3.5 km2 of land.

How to get to Comino

Easy, by the sea, not sure if swimming is a good idea though. 😀 There are few options available to reach this beautiful island:

By ferry

In my opinion transport by ferry is the best option. It is cheap (€10 round trip per person), quite fast and it gives you the possibility to spent as much time as you want on the island. The journey that takes about 30 minutes starts from Marfa or Cirkewwa (Northern part of Malta) and ends in Blue Lagoon or Santa Maria Bay (Comino).


The boat ride is just amazing, deep blue water, fresh breeze, beautiful cliffs and spectacular caves. Prepare your camera and get ready for some picturesque shots.


***Below are the busses needed to reach Marfa or Cirkewwa. You can check the timetable here .

From Valletta: 41, 42

From Sliema: 222

From Airport: X1

Boat excursions

The trip can be booked from almost every touristic spot, such as Valletta, Sliema or Saint Paul’s Bay. Honestly, I never tried a boat excursion in Malta and the only reason is that I don’t really like to have limited time in specific locations.


***Be sure you check different offers before you find the one suitable for you. Two of the most well known boat excursions are organised by Supreme Travel and Captain Morgan.

Private charter boat


This might be the best option if you want to have your private spot nearby Comino. It is fast, gives you the advantages of a customised trip, but the price is higher than for the previous two alternatives.

What to do in Comino

Actually, relax. 🙂

What we usually do is to take the first ferry to Blue Lagoon, enjoy this gorgeous place for about 2 hours and then, when it starts to become crowded, we take a walk to Santa Maria Bay. In between, we add some trekking on the rough terrain but during summer I find it a bit challenging.

The road from Blue Lagoon to Santa Maria Bay

So, let’s see:

Swim in the Blue Lagoon

This is the most touristic point in Comino due to its incredible turquoise clear water. There is a very small sandy beach close to the place where the ferry stops but it becomes packed with people even during morning hours. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for prices starting with €20 and ending up to €40.


Surprisingly, all you need is your swimsuit and perhaps a pair of goggles. The water is calm, refreshing and the sand makes it even more enjoyable.

There are some food and drink shops as well as few souvenir vendors. Lockers are available so you don’t need to worry for your belongings.

Explore Cominotto

This is the small island that faces Blue Lagoon. If you are brave enough you can reach Kemmunett (Cominotto’s Maltese name) by crossing the lagoon while swimming.


Relax in Santa Maria Bay

If you want to get some peace while in Comino, Santa Maria Bay might be the answer.


It is located 20 minutes far from Blue Lagoon, by walk, and it comprises a sandy beach and shallow water (the water is less clear than the one in Blue Lagoon). Sunbeds and umbrellas are available here as well.

Views on the way to Santa Maria Bay


The perfect time for this activity is, in my opinion, during spring as the weather is lovely (not melting under the sun). 😀

Saint Mary’s Tower

Besides some secluded and less touristic areas, you will discover an old structure that dates back to 1416, Saint Mary’s Tower. It was used in the past as an outpost for defensive proposes. Today it offers spectacular surrounding views.

I totally think that exploring Comino is a great idea. It is too beautiful to be missed. 🙂

In case you want to spend more than one day in Comino, you may book a room in the only hotel available on this small island. 🙂


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