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Mdina – The Silent City of Malta


Mdina was one of our first cities we had visited when we arrived in Malta. I remember that day, we were fed up of waiting for the bus to reach Valletta and we decided to cross the road and to choose the bus to Mdina. Ohhh, and it was amazing.


An early summer morning inside the silent city is totally unique. It is just you and the fortified city, the sound of your steps and the beautiful balconies. This atmosphere starts to change once the restaurants start to open but it still remains a beautiful and charming city.


Mdina – The Silent City of Malta

The old capital, Mdina, lies on a hilltop in the center of Malta. It is a citadel with a very limited number of cars between the protection walls, most of them owned by the residents of the city. Walking through its streets without being disturbed by cars while imagining what it was like living here in the time of the Knights I honestly consider this just ideal.


Therefore, if you want to reach Mdina by car it is good to know that there are few public parking places around the city, that unfortunately sometimes are packed, but this depends a lot on the time you arrive there. There is no fee, just a small donation.

Public parking Mdina

The public transport can be used as well as there are bus stops 3 minutes away from Mdina gate. During summer you might find it very crowded, especially in the touristic areas, but once you enter into the bus just relax and enjoy the journey that may last one hour.

Buses to catch:

A bus ticket costs €1.5 (winter) and €2 (summer) but there are also travel cards that are cost-effective better. See what options are available here.

Once you arrive in Mdina we suggest you to enter the “Silent City” through Mdina gate. It is a beautiful arched bridge built in the Baroque style that can be recognised as King’s Landing Gate in the first season of Game of Thrones.

Then, all you have to do is to allow yourself to wander the narrow streets that are easy to navigate. It is all about the cobbled streets, the ceramic street signs, the colorful doors, unique knockers and street lamps.


But if you are not in the mood of “getting lost” in this beautiful small town then you can bring your attention to the number of sites that can be seen in Mdina.

Fontanella Garden – cake and coffee
Fontanella Garden view

It may be a tiny city but it is special. I think it is a pitty to come to Malta without stopping here. And if you don’t know why should you come to Malta maybe these 10 reasons will give you the answer.

Create the moments you want to remember!

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