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Phuket Travel Guide


Asia is for us the magical place that helps you disconnect from the daily rush routine and enjoy the beautiful and pure life. The place where people are smiling and greeting you every single day, where joy and peace are surrounding you.

Phuket Travel Guide

Phuket island is located in the Southern part of Thailand where the beautiful Andaman Sea hides fantastic marine creatures. Even though this place attracts a lot of tourists, the Thai culture can still be fully found and enjoyed here.


What to expect

blog pinGetting in

Phuket International Airport comprises plenty of daily international and domestic flights. Both full service airlines or low cost carriers operate in this second largest airport in Thailand. We opted to choose Qatar Airways for this trip and we can honestly say that it was maybe one of the best flight experiences. Our starting point for this journey was Europe, therefore we had a layover of few hours in Doha.


As Phuket is fully surrounded by water, another pleasant option to reach the island is by boat or by ferry. Good to know that the prices are affordable.

There is a bridge that connects Phuket island with the mainland, Sarasin Bridge, and this makes possible the land transport.

blog pinTransport in Phuket

Probably the easiest and faster way of transport is the motorbike. The traffic in Phuket is congested, therefore a small motorbike will solve the traffic jam. There are thousands of renting places so don’t rush. Check the best price and pay attention to the deposit and terms that they require. Unfortunately the scams are comun in this field.


Tuk-Tuk is the funniest transport that perhaps everybody knows about it. We really recommend to try it once. Below are some prices that you may find useful but it is good to highlight that most of the time they are negotiable. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tuk-Tuk prices from Kata Beach

Phuket has also a public transport. Songthaew, the pick-up truck, travels around the island but the main station is in Phuket Town. There are no fixed stops, the bus picks up and drops off on request.

The most comfortable transport in Phuket is the metered taxi, that can be rent from almost every tourist office, as well as from the hotels. The only moment when we used it was on our way back from Kuta to the airport and we paid เธฟ1000. Just a small advice: agree the price before departure.

blog pinWhere to stay

There are several budget hostels as well as luxury hotels around Phuket. If you are not eager for a unobstructed sea view room then you may consider staying in the town as it is cheaper than near the beaches. You may also consider the type of activities you are interested in while you search for accommodation. For instance, Patong has the most dynamic night life, Kamala is quieter and less commercialized and Phuket Town shares perfectly the Thai culture.

We split up our holiday into 2 different accommodations: one in Patong, to face the crazy touristic vibe and one in Kata, away from the hustle, into a peaceful surrounding. The Coconut Village Resort was the hotel we picked in Patong (here is our review) and in Kata we opted for Kata Hi view Resort, both with affordable prices.

Coconut Village Resort, Patong
Kata Hi View Resort, Kata

blog pinWhat to eat

You will be able to choose from a huge selection of Asian dishes as well as international food. Lunch at a normal Thai restaurant will cost you about เธฟ150/180 (no drinks included). A meal for 2, together with drinks, in a fancy restaurant or in a very touristic area can surely exceed เธฟ800/1000. On the opposite pole, the street food will offer you the cheapest dinner, tasty and local.

Stir fried rice with egg
Stir fried noodles with vegetables

If you just want to grab something (sandwiches, snacks, hot or cold drinks) you can always try Family Mart or 7 Eleven supermarkets. Best advantage: the opening time.

blog pinWhat to do

There are multitude of activities that can spice your holiday in Phuket. See the ones that are suitable for you and try at least 3 of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

Chill on the beach – maybe this is the main reason why Phuket has so many tourists every year. The long sandy beaches, beautiful sunny days and a cocktail may be the perfect match for a summer escapade.

Kata beach

Snorkeling, diving or sailing – The beautiful Andaman Sea that surrounds Phuket is home to a diversity of marine species. Allow yourself to explore the fascinating underwater life.

Enjoy the viewpoints – These hilly points are perfect on a sunny day or during the twilight. The views are astonishing and you may face the feeling of being on top of the world.

Windmill view point
Khao Rang view point
Kata view point

Visit the temples – Discover the history and evolution of Buddhism while visiting these amazing buildings devoted to God. It’s a remarkable experience.

Chalong temple

Explore by speedboat the nearby islands – Phang Nga Bay, Phi Phi Islands, Maya Bay, Coral Island and many more.

Phi Phi Island

There is no need to stick to these activities, be open minded, fearless and take up to discover the island. You will be happy and grateful for doing so. Just give it a try! ๐Ÿ™‚

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