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What to eat in Barcelona


Someone said: People who love to eat are always the best people (Julia Child if I am not mistaken). So, we are the best 😀 . We love to eat, we like to try different dishes, we are more than happy to taste even unusual food (don’t go too far, we never tried bugs or other disgusting worms). Therefore, we did not get back from eating neither in Barcelona. So, let’s see!

 What to eat in Barcelona

There are so many restaurants in Barcelona that you would need an entire life to try all them (or maybe half of your life 😛 ). For us, the biggest problem was to decide where to stop but we were lucky enough to meet a local that recommended us some restaurants not so touristic. So these are the Spanish dishes and restaurants we enjoyed the most.



Europe’s classic breakfast is, besides coffee and croissant, the well known omelette or the toasted sandwich. It might include ham and cheese, mozzarella and olives, tuna and tomatoes and so on. In Barcelona we had a mix of them, an omelette sandwich. There is nothing unusual, we know, but just keep in mind that the omelette is filled with potatoes. So, eggs, potatoes and bread in the same plate 😀 .


Tortilla Española, translated into English on menus as potato omelete, is a Spanish recipe that can be eaten not only for breakfast but for lunch, dinner or as a snack. What we recommend is to go to one of the small local restaurants to enjoy the real taste of this particular carb-heavy dish.

Lunch/ Dinner/ Main course

What should we start with? Paella, of course, probably the most famous course in Spain. There are many types of this local rice dish like seafood, vegetable or mixed.


Our taste buds were the happiest ever when we ate at Artespaniol la Pedrera. Besides the beautiful atmosphere, Spanish music, friendly staff, the food was delicious. And Sangria, hmmmm, amazing. you cannot stop drinking only one glass 😀


Seafood specialties are also nice to try. As we mentioned here, Barceloneta is the neighborhood with the most seafood restaurants.



Crema catalana is a creamy desert made with milk, vanilla and cinnamon. It is served hot, in a ceramic container. It’s a must try!


Churros with chocolate sauce are deep fried pieces of buttery dough, coated with cinnamon sugar and served with a chocolate sauce. Yuumy 😀



Patatas bravas is a Spanish dish that consists in white fried potatoes served with spicy tomato sauce. It is a very tasty appetizer or treat.


Pan Con Tomate is the classic Spanish bruschetta composed of toasted bread slices, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil.


Chorizo and Potato Croquettes are very popular in Barcelona. These crispy balls are served with garlic or spicy tomato sauce.


Where to eat in Barcelona

We tasted all these cuisines in different restaurants but we would like to suggest you to try two of them:

EL VITI TABERNA – This restaurant is very cozy and it is full of locals that share joy and good vibe. If you stop here don’t forget to order crema catalana, it is extremely good. The menu is mentioned on their website but more details you can find on Facebook. You can reach it pretty easy, its address is Passeig Sant Joan, 62, Barcelona, España and the opening hours are from 12 PM to 12 AM.


ARTESPAÑOL LA PEDRERA – You can enjoy here the typical Spanish dishes, tasty and colorful. Sangria is a must 😀 . You can check their website for the menu or you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook. It is located in Calle Provença 271 con Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona-España and the opening hours are from 10 AM till midnight.


What’s your favorite Spanish dish? 🤔 😀

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