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Review of Coconut Village Resort, Patong, Phuket


Patong is a very well known town in Phuket Island, Thailand for its tremendous nightlife along Bangla Road, massage parlors, shopping complex and 3 km long sandy beach. This city situated on the west coast of Phuket island, on the shore of Andaman Sea, has a chaotic atmosphere due to multitude of tourists but in the same time there are many natural attractions and sites that make Patong worth visiting.

Review of Coconut Village Resort, Patong, Phuket

If you are a nightlife lover you can find accommodation seconds away from the party zone and they can be really cheap. But if you just want to feel the vibe of this crazy and entertaining place and then come back to your quiet and peaceful spot than we recommend to look for a room outside central area.


This is how we ended up to book few nights at this hotel. We liked that it is located close to the sea (about 100 meters from Patong sandy beach) and short walk distance from the entertaining activities. So no noise during the night 🙂 .


The hotel is nice and cozy and the room view is beautiful. Lush vegetation, pool area, cats and coconuts. What to wish more? Ahhh, yes, the sound of the rain touching the wood of your balcony while you just enjoy your morning coffee. Don’t be scared about the weather, the rain lasts less than 20 minutes, at least during hot season.


The room was nice and big enough. It is equipped properly, including AC, minibar and tea/coffee kettle. But the best of it: the bed, the AC and the private balcony 🙂 . We can assure you that without AC the humidity inside the room goes to maximum level and the temperature rises more than 35°C.

*TIPS: leave the AC ON when you leave the room, at least when you come back you can breath properly 😀 .


There is also cable TV available but I just hope you won’t use it. Don’t go to Asia to watch TV, go out and explore this beautiful country.

Outdoor Pool

The pool is clean and the size is great. It is surrounded by coconut trees and it also has basketball backboard (hopefully they still have).


Not to forget to mention that during 09.00 AM-7.00 PM you can enjoy a cool drink from the poolside bar.



The hotel’s restaurant has tasty food, from local Thai dishes to international ones.


There are so many restaurants nearby that you don’t need to stick with this one but to try it once is worth it. And we can say that it is very pleasant to enjoy the breakfast next to the pool, being surrounded by palm trees and cats ❤.


Other facilities


Coconut Village Resort is a 3* hotel and the prices for a room start from €57 per night up to €240 per night, depending the room type and the other services that you may include (ex: breakfast, Jacuzzi). They have now some offers on their website so you can check them there, but you can also find them on Facebook, Instagram and Booking.


If you want to spend few nights in Patong and you are not a posh person we really recommend you this hotel. It is cozy and cheap.

If you have questions we are more than happy to answer you. So feel free to comment below or drop us an email.

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