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What makes Malta special?


Malta, Malta, Malta <3

Beatles used to sing “Love, Love, Love” (All you need is love) but what’s wrong if we sing Malta, Malta, Malta? 😀 hahaha, yeah, my Sunday mood!

What makes Malta special?

For us Malta is special exactly the way it is. The tiny island surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea has endless sea views, delicious cuisine and amazing sunsets. Also known as the Land of the Knights, Malta is a beautiful archipelago located between Sicily and Tunis that packs full of history and diverse culture.

Ghajn Tuffieha

Besides all this, it has some of the most friendly and relaxed people, always there to help. But before you have the opportunity to meet them let us give you some reasons why you can consider Malta as special and unique as we do.

blog pin7000 years old history

One of the most ancient site in the world, also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, can be found in Malta. These prehistorical temples built between 5000-3600 BC during Neolithic and Bronze age are even older than the Pyramids of Egypt.


blog pinPerfect weather

With 300 days of sunshine per year Malta has probably one of the best climate in Europe. The Mediterranean climate gives hot and dry summer days and mild and sometimes windy winter. What to wish more?


blog pinRocky and sandy beaches

With an area of 316 km², Malta offers abundance of rocky beaches that are usually flat and easy to explore as well as beautiful sandy beaches. It is a matter of what you prefer.

Ghajn Tuffieha

During summer, the sandy beaches are packed with tourists so if you want a remote spot the rocky beaches are the answer. What is just amazing is that in Malta you are always in vicinity of a beach.


blog pinFestas all year round

Every village, no matter how big it is, celebrates the feast of its patron saint. Some of them they honour the town’s saint twice, once on the day that is mentioned in the calendar and once in summer.


Malta hosts about 75 local village festas (feasts) between June and September. The city is decorated with flowers, flags, banners and statues, the streets are full of people and the fireworks maintain the good vibe. And don’t expect to see the fireworks during the night, they are sometimes used during early mornings.

blog pinTraditional fishing boats

These local boats made by wood are painted in very bright colors, such as yellow, blue, red. Also called luzzu, this small vessel has a particular characteristic: they have traditional eyes on the bow to keep bad luck away. This design dates backs to Phoenician times, about 800BC.


blog pinSunday fish market all year round

In the South Eastern Region of Malta, Marsaxlokk village holds Sundays the well known fish market. Packed with both tourists and locals, this area flourishes into flavors and fragrances among the mix of multicultural nationalities gathered together either for shopping or to test the numerous seashore restaurants abundant in various types of fish and sea fruits.


blog pinNamed houses and door knockers

In most of the countries the houses are numbered but Maltese people have a really nice custom: they name every house. From personal meanings to religion references, the locals are very creative and inventive.


The door-knockers, called ħabbata in Maltese, are available in different shapes and materials. Simple rings, animals, the Maltese cross, and many more can be easily found on almost every town but the cobbled streets of Valletta and Mdina hide the most spectacular door-knockers.


blog pinPastizzerias

You cannot come to Malta without tasting a pastizzi. It is a traditional pastry in Malta filled with ricotta or peas. Yuuuuumy! 🤤


blog pinSaying ‘Alright?’ instead of ‘Hello’

“Alright George?” “Alright, alright!” This a friendly Maltese salute.

Maltese people use “Alright” followed by a name as an informal way of saluting. After almost 3 years spent here we got more than used to this way of greeting. We can honestly say that sometimes we use it even if it sounds a bit funny with our accent.

blog pinCats, cats, cats

There are cats everywhere. Malta is a paradise for every cat lover!


blog pinValletta 2018

As if there were not enough reasons to impress, this year Malta added a new one to the list: during 2018 Valletta is the European Capital of Culture. There will be special activities, different projects and events that will be held in this amazing capital. You can check here fragments from the opening ceremony.


What do you think, is it special or not? Of course it is 😀 And trust us, there are many other reasons that deserved to be mentioned. You will definitely love this place.

At the end, our mood in Malta:

Crazy half 😀
Calm half 😀

Create the moments you want to remember!

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