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Tricity: Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia travel guide


How fast the time passes when you feel good!!! We spent our Christmas holiday in Poland, in these beautiful cities situated on the coast of Baltic Sea with our special friends. It was quite different from our usual holidays, we didn’t even have an itinerary. No maps, no itinerary, no transport information, nothing (quite strange for a control freak person like the feminine side of our couple) 😀 . But we relied on our memory as it was our second time visiting Tricity (Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia) and, of course, we were counting on our friends being there (lazy us).

Tricity travel guide

The northern cities of Poland, Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia, are forming together the metropolitan area called Tricity. An infinite sea horizon, the sound of the seagulls, sandy beaches on one side and forests on the other, beautiful parks, city centers full of history, these are just few images that have been stuck into our minds.


blog pinWhat to expect

As we already told you that we like to review what we enjoyed and what we did not like about a place, here is our pro and cons list for Tricity:


Beautiful landscapes, sea, forest, cityviews;

Amazing history;

Delicious traditional food.



Quite challenging to find information in English;

Wet, cold and grey weather (during winter);


blog pinTransport in Tricity

There is an international airport in Gdańsk that will make possible your holiday there. From low cost airlines to legacy ones choose the one that is suitable for you. It is not a very big airport but make sure you arrive on time on your way back as you may encounter queues. We had to wait 50 minutes for the normal checks (after Christmas holiday).

There is a very well connected public transport in all of these cities. You can travel by tram, by bus or by train. A tram ticket inside Gdańsk costs zł3.20‎/person and for a train trip from Gdańsk to Gdynia we had to pay zł4.20/person‎.


There are ticket offices in different stations and even though they are sometimes closed you can always use the automatic ticket machines. Just pray to find one that has the menu in English. 🙂

For more information about the train services check SKM website (do not forget, allow Google to translate the page as it is available only in Polish). And here you can check the available tickets for bus and tram.

blog pinWhere to stay

Gdańsk, Sopot or Gdynia? You can try all of them 🙂 . Every city has its own beauty, its own uniqueness. We are sure that AirBnb or Booking will make your decision easier. What we can highly recommend is to include Gdańsk Oliwa neighborhood in your searches. It is just perfectly located, far from the noise of the animated old center but in the same time in the vicinity of several points of interest.


blog pinWhat to eat

We, as Romanians, we love dishes that are not really proper for a diet 😀 . We don’t want to generalize but I think “heavy” food will always be part of some family reunions in our country. And Polish people have almost the same customs. Let’s see: Kabanos (Polish sausages), smalec (crunchy bread with lard and onion), pierogi (Polish dumplings), potatoes with lots of cheese, do you see salad in these specialties🤔? Because we could’t see it for one week. It was a real culinary debauchery.


Not to forget to mention that we were spoiled by Mr Bunny with delicious recipes. That was pretty awesome. Mr. Bunny, hope to see you soon again as we already miss your meals 😛 .


Ok, now stop drooling! 😄

The prices for the food I will honestly say that are more than affordable. For a warm dish you will pay about zł‎20-25 (about €5), a water is about zł‎5-8‎ (less than €2) in restaurants and the price for special desserts is about zł‎10-14 (about €3).

blog pinWhat to do

Explore Gdańsk – With a tumultuous past, the city located on the Baltic shore is one of the most visited places in Poland. Gothic churches, long sandy beaches, beautiful green parks and special view points, they are all comprised in this city.


You can also spend some time wandering into the Amber Museum where beautiful amber collections are presented. A ticket costs zł12 and the opening hours are communicated here.

Stroll through Sopot – Part of the Tricity metropolitan area, Sopot is well known for it’s sandy beach and its long wooden pier that extends into the Bay of Gdańsk. The pedestrianized main street, called Monciak, is one of the most famous streets in the North of Poland.


It leads down from the Sopot Village to the pier and hosts numerous restaurants, pubs and shops.

Walk through the seaside of Gdynia – This is the modernist part of Tricity that embraces a long sandy beach and a wood pier in Orłowo. Klif Redłowski is a beautiful spot next to Plaża Orłowska that offers beautiful views over the Baltic Sea.gdynia-poland

Go to Hel Peninsula – Located in the north side of Tricity, it is a green area covered with trees and surrounded by the sea.


The long and narrow sandy area (no wider than 500m for most of its length) can be reached easily from Tricity by train, by car or by ferry.


Visit the Upside down house – Due to its architecture, this is an uncommon house located near Gdańsk, in Szymbark, Poland. It comprises historical events but also entertaining activities.


We wrote a full article about this special house here.

See the Malbork Castle – Positioned one hour far from Gdańsk, in the Malbork town, the castle is a beautiful medieval fortress that served as Polish royal residence hundreds years ago.


It is the largest castle in the world taking into consideration the land area and the Malbork Castle Museum was also included as a UNESCO heritage site 20 years ago. Additional details together with tickets and opening hours can be found here.

Quite interesting this place, right?

Create the moments you want to remember!

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