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The upside down house, Szymbark, Poland


Yesterday morning I was preparing the luggage for our new escapade in Gdansk when suddenly the upside down house just popped up into my mind. So i thought it would be useful to write some information I still remember about it.


During our previous visit in Poland we had the chance to see this particular house that is located in the Centre of Education and Regional Promotion in Szymbark, Northern Poland. It was designed as a Symbol of the overthrow of communism, focusing in the same time on the history of the Kashubian people.


The upside down house built in 2007 has become today an important tourist attraction for the area. Visitors have to enter the house through a roof window being able to take a stroll through the house on the ceiling. The interior is furnished in a socialist style of the 1970’s, when Poland was under Communist rule. Walking inside the house is quite difficult but in the same time funny. You will feel a bit dizzy and furniture would give more the upside down impression. No worries, just think you enjoyed few whiskey glasses before you came here. 😛


For this experience you need to pay PLN20 (about €4.70) and additional details as opening hours or parking availability you can find here.

Additional attractions of the centre

The upside down house is not the only attraction of the Centre of Education and Regional Promotion. There are a lot  of things to see and do as well.

The world longest board can be also found here. Weighting 1100 kg and and having a length of 36,83 m this piece of wood was recorded in the The Guinness Book.  And as if one Guinness Book of World Records entry wasn’t enough they also have the longest table in the world, awarded Nobel Prize.


Besides these special rewords this centre comprises a lot of historical records and ways to do interesting activities.

For the history lovers (I would say for the brave ones) Polish people built a reconstruction of one of the bunkers from the Second World War. Following an underground tunnel you will find a place that can accommodate over 60 people and contains original pieces of equipment or personal souvenirs from the war time.


Apart from the Upside Down House you can find here the House of the Siberian, a reconstruction of the Soviet camp which reminds us of the tragedy of the Polish exiles, the period when Polish people were banged up and banished by train to Siberia.


Another attraction located in this centre is Kashubian World of Tales, an interesting, interacting and funny way to learn history and literature for the youngest.

Whether you just want to experience the wobbly feeling inside the upside down house or you are interested in the restaurant, souvenir shop or you want to increase your historical knowledge, this place includes everything.

*Few links from the above don’t have English translation, so allow Google translate to change the language of the page.






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