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Holiday season is here!


Holiday season is here. Christmas is around the corner. We absolutely love this time of the year. The house decorations, the presents wrapping, carols playlist, the heat coming from the fireplaces, the smell of the fir or pine trees introduce you into a fairy-tail Christmas mood.


Christmas is special, wherever you are

This is the time for gingerbread and mulled wine, cinnamon and Christmas tree candies, the time to reconnect with family and friends. We have been always surrounded by our loved ones during this festive period, no matter the location or the distance.

This is how our holidays look like:


In our birth country the winter season is filled with Christmas trees, lights, Christmas markets with traditional food and drinks, a lot of snow and low temperature values.


People in Romania love the old customs and traditions, such as carol singing during Christmas day (known as Colindat) or singing and dancing while wearing deer masks (known as Capra).

The smell of smokey chimneys, the touch of snowflakes and our loved ones frame for us a special picture.


London, England

We honestly say that this is a magical time to be in this royal city. It is surrounded by festivities, parades, colorful markets and spectacular Christmas decorations lining the roads.


London is also a perfect place to buy Christmas presents. So many options to choose from during the holiday season. 😀

The shopping centers are opened till late but expect to encounter crowded areas. However, you will definitely feel the holiday vibe here.



This is the warmest destination we have ever explored during December month. As you probably know, Malta has been our second home for the last 3 years.


Spending Christmas time here might surprise you if you are used to a typical winter landscape. There are many sunny days, crystal waters and no snow at all. You can forget about the pine tree smell and embrace the beauty of the palms. The below photos were taken during December.


If this sounds interesting to you, you can check here more about Malta.

Gdansk, Poland

Stylish and quiet city on the shore of the Baltic Sea, this is how we like to describe this place.


Besides its gripping Gothic architecture we also like Gdansk thanks to our dear friends who live here. We like Poland and not only during holiday season. A travel guide for the Northern part is available on our blog.

The Christmas markets have plenty of traditional food and local products. Make sure you try a bit from all. 😛 The entire city is decorated with spectacular lights and ornaments. Wrap yourself up in winter clothes and enjoy them.


Where are you heading this winter holiday?

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