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Fundata and its amazing scenery


Best 30th’s: family, love and happiness

I think there is nothing in this world as the nature to charge you with positive energy and to make you appreciate the little things in life that matter the most. Luckily, on our last trip to Romania, usually fast-paced, we had the amazing opportunity to relax few days in Transylvania. I said opportunity as we didn’t have anything planned. It was a birthday gift for my 30th’s (love you so much, guys) and it was wonderful.


These 2 days made me remember to look around and appreciate what I have because things may change in the nearest future. I realized that I missed the mountains, the beautiful green forests, the perfect landscapes with old countryside houses which spread everywhere the smell of traditional cuisine. And the most important, I missed the time spent with my loved ones.

Why we like Fundata


Fundata is one of those places with the cleanest and fresh air from Romania.
Wherever you look in Fundata you can see beautiful mountain peaks covered with trees, flowers or grass that offer a spectacular landscape every season: green during spring and summer, brown, red, yellow and green during autumn and white during winter.

Where it is located

Fundata is the locality with the highest altitude from Romania (1,360 meters). It is located in Transylvania, a very well known historical region in central Romania, guarded by Carpathians Mountains. There are plenty ways to reach this village. For example, if you come from Bucharest you will need about 3 hours driving if you follow one of these paths (that can be very congested during public holidays and weekends):

What to do in Fundata

Being surrounded by the Bucegi Mountains, on one side, and the Piatra Craiului Mountains, on the other side, Fundata is a perfect spot for mountain trips. Because some trails are not easy at all, we recommend to properly equip yourself before you start your trek. It is mandatory to have the right equipment and to be informed so please obtain a special tourist map that includes well marked routes.

Even for those who are less adventurous, Fundata has something to offer. The view changes spectacularly from season to season, but even from day to day or hour to hour, so you can not get bored with this area.


Exploring the village cobbled streets, by foot or by carriage and horse, will give you the opportunity to discover a different but amazing way of living. Small traditional houses built with wood and stone, domestic animals feeding on the pastures, local people working their fields, honest smiles that greet you although they met you for the first time. We bet that all these things will “recharge your batteries” and will make you feel alive.

Where to stay

This is something you don’t have to worry about. The accommodation is for all tastes. Should you possess a limited budget or you are just avid to experience the countryside life and customs, then you should opt for traditional houses of the locals, which is the best choice in our opinion. Likewise, there are modern guest-houses that offer additional facilities, entertaining activities, such as swimming pool, SPA, off-road tours, etc. Of course, at a higher price.

Birthday girl = spoiled girl = great accommodation 🙂 😀


Perfectly located between the two mountains that guard Fundata, Cheile Gradistei Fundata Complex is an alpine-style resort with warm and rustic rooms. The price is RON (Romanian Leu) 250/ night, approximately €55/ night, breakfast included (buffet style).

Probably is not the cheapest option but it my opinion it’s worth every cent. The location is perfect and allows you to wake up with an amazing view.

blog pinWhat to eat

Hard and easy answer in the same time, depending how fast you decide what to have in your plate.
Romanian traditional food is vast and tasty and not very friendly for people on diet.
Besides beautiful landscapes, Fundata is also famous for its traditional dishes, especially for cheese, milk, polenta and sausages and pastrami.
There are plenty options to taste all these wonders: buying from locals, cooking yourself or eating in a restaurant. We based on other tourists reviews and we made our taste buds happy with the food from the resort’s restaurant.


We tried food we had not eaten for a long time, we ate the best bean ragout with smoked pork hocks, grilled lamb pastrami, pot beef stew and the best grain or rice with milk. I reminded myself the authentic taste of the childhood that made me forget for one moment the existence of chicken salad or plain vegetables. 


Writing this article I remembered a quote that I really like: It’s important to find the little things in everyday life that make you happy (Paula Cole). Maybe this quote will inspire you too.

What do you think? Will you include this place in your travel list?

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